Friday, June 11, 2010

Busy, busy, busy!

Sorry we haven't put up a new post in a little while. We have been so busy. Hazel, the mother, has been taking care of my dad. He just had surgery on his broken femur and had his hip replaced for the second time about 3 weeks ago. She has to get him well and walking good for our cruise in July. (Can't wait)

I, the daughter, have been getting ready for my girls recital this week. They have had practice everyday so far. Just getting costumes and such together takes a lot of time. Hopefully, after this weekend, we will have more time to craft. I've got some great ideas.

Next, week, I will be getting ready for my daughters birthday and slumber party. This will be my first to plan for her. Any ideas for games would be greatly appreciated.

Happy crafting,

The 2 Pink Ladies

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