Monday, May 31, 2010

Cricut Card by Hazel

New video soon!

Hello everyone! Well, I did it! I finally "encouraged" my mother into making a video for y'all! She was quiet nervous, but it turned out really good. It was so much fun making a video with someone rather than just me by myself.

I will be posting this video up on the site soon (probably in the morning). I had a few obstacles to cross to get my video camera working again. But it's working now.

I have many more projects and videos coming up so keep checking back. I have my daughter making a project tomorrow that I will get on the site as soon as possible.

We really do appreciate any encouagement, compliments, etc. on the comment section, so please leave a comment.

Hope to hear from y'all soon!

Thanks again,

Hazel and Kristine

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Mini Plastic Buckets with vinyl

Hi everyone! It's been a while. I have been so busy getting the house ready for my son's graduation party so I haven't had much time to do any crafting. But today, I did take a little bit of time to do a very quick project. Hope you enjoy it.


Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Graduation Gift Idea

This is a flat canvas I picked up from Michaels. You can also paint it before you put the vinyl on it. I used blue and yellow vinyl from I used Storybook and Cursive cartridges.

Sunday, May 9, 2010

Camo Cake

This is the latest cake I made for a friend of a friend. It is a camo cake. This is my first "boy" cake. It was kinda challenging to come up with an idea on how I would go about making a camo cake. It turned out pretty good. I do have to say this is not my best cake. It is a white cake with green marbling in the cake. It has green icing filling. I iced it with the same green filling then used several colors of fondant to make it camofloagged (sp?). I just "tore" the fondant up then placed it on the cake. All the toys used are from Big Lots.