Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Gypsy Tutorial: Part 2

Part 2 is up!!

Part 3 will be up Friday.

Happy Gypsy-ing

The 2 Pink ladies


  1. Is there a purpose for keeping pics on the gypsy? I mean other than just having them there for fun.

  2. that a very good question. I will check into it.


  3. Alright. The photo button is good for...If you see a sketch or a layout and take a picture of it, you can put it on your gypsy for reference as you make a page or layout. Regular photos you can put on there just to have and look at. Now, the sketch or pic of layout or page or card or any cannot use on your gypsy mat. It's for reference only. When you work on a design you can go back and forth referencing it.

    Hope this helps.

    The 2 Pink Ladies

  4. It does help. I didn't even think of that but what a great idea! Thank so much!!