Thursday, February 17, 2011

Birthday Gnomes

Today is my birthday! It has been a wonderful day! I have received birthday wishes, cards, and gifts from family and friends. Here are some pictures of some gnomes that Kristine gave me for my birthday and the card she made.
I had told her of about some gnomes that I had painted for my mom many, many years ago. When she passed away, the gnomes were about the only thing that I wished I had gotten from her. But, my stepfather's daughter decided that since her ailing father was still alive she had the rights to everything left by my mother. So, I only received a few personal pictures. Kristine found some gnomes and gave them to me for my birthday.
The gnome with the card is not much taller that the card. I have decided that one will travel with me. The other gnome standing next to the mushroom is 13" tall. He will be the "guard" of the other gnomes in my future gnome garden.
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