Monday, June 25, 2012

Wood Floor Repair

 Hi Everyone,

It has been waayyy too long!  How is everyone doing today?  We have been great, but busy.  I think everyone stays busy these days.  I am so glad yall have not forgotten about us.  We love doing and making and creating all kinds of crafts.  But every now and then we come across something that actually might help someone.  For instance, I have been putting off working on my wood floors since Hurricane Ike stripped some of the stain off or when my kids scrap something across it and scratched it.  Things like that.  Well below, I have demonstrated, using a product from Lowes that I found and have been looking at for a while, but too scared to try it.  It's made by Homax.  Its a Wood Stain Marker Pen.  
Here is my wood floor before I stain it with the Wood Stain pen

After I have marked on the floor with my pen.  I let it sit for just
a few seconds.  If you want it darker, reapply it.

I am marking on my floor with the pen

This is the pen I used.  There are different colors to choose

After you mark it, just wipe off with a cloth or paper towel.
This is the finished area.  See the difference?

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