Monday, April 16, 2012

Neglecting Our Crafts

Ok, so Kristine and I have been AOL. Sorry! Starting back in July I have really been busy redoing a rent house with help from my children. I am still at it!! Also, I have neglected my craft room, poor thing. It has been more of a, "Where do I put this" kind of thing. Yep! It ends up going into the craft room. It had reached a point that I couldn't even get to my desk. So,  the week before Easter, I had a brainstorm to rearrange that room. Over time I had collected Recollections storage shelves from Michael's. My DH put them together for me. I took everything out of the room and put the storage box/shelves in the room. I, then, realize that family was coming in for Easter, so I had to quickly put everything back in. It all looks a lot better, but the desk is still cluttered. As soon as I finish the rent house and the craft room, I will get back to posting cards, etc.
Kristine has been busy with selling AvoCare, running a dance studio, caring for 5 children, and looking for another part-time job. So, she, too, has been bogged down with life at the momemt. Hopefully, the both of us will get back soon to what we really like to do-scrapbook, make cards, quilt, etc.

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