Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Thank You card

Hi everyone!!

Wow it's been a busy summer for us. We havent been able to post much because we have been on the road a lot this summer.

We have been the Las Vegas, Colorado, Corpus Christi and now about to head out to Oklahoma!

I have a wonderful story to share:

I went to Chick-fil-A today for lunch and went through the drive-thru. I ordered in the drive-thru and before I got to the window to get my food, I was looking for my wallet. Well, I could not find it. It was not in my purse. I continued to the window and I asked if they could hold my food so I can go home and get my wallet then come back and get food. (I live about 15 minutes from this Chick-fil-A) The girl at the window said, don't worry, it's okay, just come back later to pay. She continued to give me my order and I am apologizing and thanking them all at the same time. She gave me the receipt and said just come back later. I said okay, but it won't be until 2:30 but I WILL come back to pay. She said okay. I was so impressed with their faith I would come back and pay that as soon as I got home I made them a card to thank them. Below you can see it.

I used red cardstock cut at 5.5x8 inches
white and black and pink cardstock for the cow
I used Create a Critter Cart
I cut it with the Cricut create

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  1. What a cute card! That card was perfect for Chick-fil-A. That was really nice of them to let you pay later!
    hdhall6002 at sbcglobal dot net