Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Early Mother's Day Gift

A while back I mentioned to my husband about a new Cricut that was coming out soon.
He asked about it, and stated that if I wanted it, he would buy it for me for my Mother's Day gift from him. Of course, that was one gift I definitly would not refuse! I proceded to describe the infamous Cricut Expression 2, and also included words such as, "You really don't have to get it if you don't want to spend the money," while thinking all the time, "please, please get it for me." (LOL)
I can say that I do own the smaller Cricut as well as the Cricut Imagine. I like the Cricut Imagine, but have spent very little time using it. I have not purchased any new cartridges since I have owned it, too expensive. I have not seen any of the cartridges for the Imagine on sale like other cartridges. I am not totally thrilled with the ones that came with the Imagine.
Anyway, back to this story. As soon as the EXPRESSION 2 came on HSN at 12:05 eastern time (11:05 p.m., Texas time), I placed my order! My E2 will be here by May 6th. I am very excited about this. I like that it is like the first Expression, except more advanced. I don't own the first Expression, so I am very, imperatively excited about getting the EXPRESSION 2. Thanks, Honey, for such a wonderful gift! You did good!

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