Saturday, October 9, 2010

2010 Breast Cancer Awareness Month

My daughters and I went to get nails and this is what I got. I love PINK and I love my nails. I haven't had any in a while and just couldn't take not having any nails. So, I decided to get PINK since this month is Breast Cancer Awareness.

If you have/had anyone who has been affected by any cancer, I encourage you to wear somewhere on you PINK everyday this month: A shirt, shorts, shoes, hairclips, jewelry, etc. Let's remind people everyday what this month represents!

Also, you can make, layouts, etc. with PINK somewhere in it and if you want to, email the picture to me, and I'll post it here on our blog for a chance to win a prize. And, if you want to post pictures of what you wear or come up with, just email me at and I'll post it on our blog.



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