Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Happy New Year Everyone!!!!

Hope everyone had a great & safe new years.  We did.  We had most of our family together with us.  There are a couple who live outside the state so, they were not able to come celebrate with us.

Well, this is a new year.  I am hoping it is a new year for us too on our blog.  We are going to need to set a "resolution" for keeping our blog up to date more often.  We just got so busy last year.  We had family in hospital and it took a lot of time out of our crafting.  But it's much better and we are all on the road to a great year.

I will try and post more videos and projects.  My mom will fit in as she can.  She and my dad are still working on that darn rent house.  But they are almost done.  YAY!

So, I hope to hear from you more often, as I post more videos and projects.

Have a great year everyone!

The 2 Pink Ladies

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