Thursday, November 18, 2010

My sister is coming to town!

Hey y'all!!

My sister is coming to town. She is my sister who lives in Alabama, and she decided to make a 10 hour journey all the way to Texas for Thanksgiving.

I want to share with you how much the girls in our family like to craft. We have been crafting since I can remember. Anything from crocheting, quilting, painting, sewing and even dabbed in a little pottery making. Of course, the pottery making was my parents thing when I was young. We have some beautiful pieces of pottery my mother made. I remember when I (Kristine) was younger, I wanted soooo bad to paint something she made. So, after lots of begging, my mother finally let me paint a baby doll she made. I loved it.

Anyway, back to what I was getting to...

My sister told my mother she is bringing her baby Cricut on the trip so my mother can show my sister how to "work" it. :) My mother said, "I have mine here, you can just use it". But, my sister said no, she is bringing hers.

Anyway, we are super way excited to have her come in for a whole week. We will definitely have some pictures and videos to post. Our tradition for several years now on Thanksgiving evening, or Friday after Thanksgiving, is to work on some type of craft, whether it be a Santa Claus pillow, a wooden stocking, a yard sign, etc. This year we will be making those ornaments that we saw on My Pink Stamper with the Glue Guy from Beacon Glues. So, thanks for sharing your craft with us.

Y'all have a great crafting day,

The 2 Pink Ladies

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